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Guerilla Marketing for Newbies

January 24, 2013

A low budget advertising strategy via a creative and unconventional means is what guerilla marketing stands for. In fact, it is the best alternative to a time consuming big budget promotion technique requiring immense effort. Guerilla marketing is much known for its unusual promotion approaches as the likes of public relation stunts, intercept encounters, street giveaways and so on. Advancement of technologies has led to use of mobile and other digital technologies. The objective of such marketing technique is always use of creative, thought provoking as well as engaging concepts such that the product leaves its mark on the mind of the potential buyers.  Forgers Coffee did a really good job as seen here.

Principles of Guerilla Marketing

There are certain principles, as stated in the book of Levinson, on which guerilla marketing is based which are as follows:dog-advertising

  • This sort of marketing is meant for chiefly small businesses and small entrepreneurs.
  • It is a completely human oriented technique free from obvious judgment, guesswork and experiences.
  • The focus of promotion is profit rather than sales.
  • Marketers have to keep track of the number of new relationships made at regular intervals.
  • The success to guerilla marketing lies in focus rather than diversification by means of too many products such as  custom koozies as well as services.
  • The concentration should be on larger number of transactions with already existing customers rather than building new relationships.
  • Cooperation with businesses is more necessary than coping up with the competition.
  • Guerilla marketing requires more than one marketing technique for a particular campaign for promotion of products.
  • In order to build their businesses it is necessary that the marketer use current technologies, t shirts, pens, koozies, bags, napkins ect….
  • Guerilla marketing is targeted towards small group of individuals to let them know about a particular product rather than inducing them to buy the same.

These were some of the basic principles of guerilla marketing.

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