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New koozies are here!

November 1, 2013

kooziesAfter writing about the best ways to market I was looking at getting koozies and they are finally here today. The koozies for HCL trucking finally came in today! The guys over at did a great job.

What I liked about them, they offered:

  • A chance to add my own personalized design online. They perfectly imprinted it on the koozie.
  • The items at a very low price compared to its value.
  • A chance to select my own preferable koozie size.
  • I even got a chance to imprint pictures, date and name of the event, and quotations over it.
  • Quality services.
  • only 35 cents per piece for their koozies see page

Top 3 Best Ways to Market your Business Koozies, Social Media and Mailers

March 29, 2013

Advertising one’s business is the key to keep the business going.  A business owner must have excellent marketing strategies to keep himself at par, if not better than his competitors.  Since advertising comes with a cost, entrepreneurs would go for a cheaper way of advertising, but still reap good benefits out of it.  One way to advertise a business venture is by making use of promotional marketing products and using Guerrilla marketing techniques.  Here are the top 3 practical ways to market products and services.

  • Use social media.

AdvertisingA lot of people rely on social networking sites such as Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family.  Because people these days are in the internet age, using Facebook and Twitter is a good way to make a business known to the public.  Just post an ad, and tell everyone about your products and services.

  • Mailers

Another fundamental way to marketing is direct mailing your offers to your customers by using the USPS business program to target other business or target area by zip code to send out mailers. The cost can add up easily so it’s recommended that you target your audience carefully.

  • Create unique items.

Before, handing out flyers was one way to advertise a business.  But most of those flyers get thrown out into the nearest trash bin, even before the person has read what’s written on them.  Instead of handing out flyers, give out free items instead. Yes, people love freebies but they love the unique ones more.  One unique item you can give away that gets lots of traffic are custom printed koozies, which you can find at Custom Koozy. It is a beverage hugger or sleeve which you can use to keep your beverage cold. Imprint your logo and business name on your custom printed Koozies and give out as many as you can. Customized Koozies are easy to give out and used widely.

Whether your use Koozies, Soical Media or Mailers you want to track the response rate.

Marketing tips for small businesses

February 26, 2013

Putting up a business is a challenge.  Marketing it to the public is more challenging as the success of the business would depend on your marketing strategy.  If you have a small business or are planning to put up one, here are some tips to help your business flourish.

  • Advertise your business.

Promoting your business to potential customers must be done in a way that would attract them.  An effective way to do this is to include special offers.  Customers are drawn to anything that comes at a special offer.

  • Give away Koozies, shirts and more

Giving away items like Custom Koozies can give your business more exposure than you think. Koozies travel a lot and are called “walking billboards” which shows how much impact they have. You don’t have to give out Koozies you can use T-shirts, tote bags ect..

  • Offer a cheap and premium version of your product.

Whatever your product is, you must have a cheap and premium version of it.  Some would go for a cheaper price instead of quality while others would prefer quality above anything else.  You must cater to both kinds of customers.

  • Make your customers patronize your product.

Keep your customers coming back to purchase your product.  Once they have availed of your product or service, inform them that they would get a discount on their next purchase.  Give them special offers.  In return, they would spread the word regarding your business enterprise and hopefully bring more customers in.

  • Do cross-promotion.

To cross-promote means to ask other small business entities which are not your competitors to promote your business to their customers.  In return, you will do the same favor to them.  This is a cheap way to advertise your products and services. Great examples by Carmen Songnovi on cross promotion

  • Advertise your product online.

With social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can advertise your business online to as many prospects as possible.  Ask your Facebook friends to like posts regarding your business and make them and your Twitter friends spread the word about your products and services. These simple tips can help your small business grow big.

Guerilla Marketing for Newbies

January 24, 2013

A low budget advertising strategy via a creative and unconventional means is what guerilla marketing stands for. In fact, it is the best alternative to a time consuming big budget promotion technique requiring immense effort. Guerilla marketing is much known for its unusual promotion approaches as the likes of public relation stunts, intercept encounters, street giveaways and so on. Advancement of technologies has led to use of mobile and other digital technologies. The objective of such marketing technique is always use of creative, thought provoking as well as engaging concepts such that the product leaves its mark on the mind of the potential buyers.  Forgers Coffee did a really good job as seen here.

Principles of Guerilla Marketing

There are certain principles, as stated in the book of Levinson, on which guerilla marketing is based which are as follows:dog-advertising

  • This sort of marketing is meant for chiefly small businesses and small entrepreneurs.
  • It is a completely human oriented technique free from obvious judgment, guesswork and experiences.
  • The focus of promotion is profit rather than sales.
  • Marketers have to keep track of the number of new relationships made at regular intervals.
  • The success to guerilla marketing lies in focus rather than diversification by means of too many products such as  custom koozies as well as services.
  • The concentration should be on larger number of transactions with already existing customers rather than building new relationships.
  • Cooperation with businesses is more necessary than coping up with the competition.
  • Guerilla marketing requires more than one marketing technique for a particular campaign for promotion of products.
  • In order to build their businesses it is necessary that the marketer use current technologies, t shirts, pens, koozies, bags, napkins ect….
  • Guerilla marketing is targeted towards small group of individuals to let them know about a particular product rather than inducing them to buy the same.

These were some of the basic principles of guerilla marketing.

Need inspiration check out 10 great examples

Importance of creating a Positive Work Environment

January 14, 2013

An organization is considered to be a group of people who have come together in order to achieve a common goal. But, the goal can only be achieved if the employees work in a friendly and a positive environment. A work place comprise of many people who have come together for accomplishment of a common goal but this can only be done if the employees are working in a positive environment and creating a positive work environment needs to be done by the superiors.
Importance of formation of a positive official environment
Creating of the environment which is familiar to the employees of an organisation is very important in order to increase the productivity of the organization. A group of people who come together to work in an organization, have different personalities and different perceptions but they come together for the accomplishment of a common goal. This is the time when the superior should make a potrustsitive environment for their subordinates so that they can get the best out of them. Some of the below mentioned steps should be followed by the superiors in order to make a positive environment for the subordinates
•    Building up trust: Trust is the most important and should be there amongst the superiors and the subordinates working in an environment.
•    Open standard of communication: All the employees of an organisation should be given equal recognition and the communication should be equal to all of them.
•    Become accessible: In order to have a positive environment one should begin with a “open door policy”. This is considered to be a policy in which all the employees of an organization come together to work for a common issue or task. If this is not adopted barriers are created which makes it difficult for the employees to work.
Creation of an optimistic working environment is very important in order to gain success.

Information on Advertising brand with promotional products

December 30, 2012

A Brand is normally defined as a particular product which is produced or manufactured by particular company and under a particular name. In other words, a brand is a name, design, term, symbol or any other particular feature which helps in identifying a service or goods of a particular company.
Nowadays, everything needs to be advertised in the market so that the people gain information related to the product and also they get to know about the new products being launched in the market. Advertising of the brands is very important. There are different advertising methods being used by the people in the market now days. One of the most effective advertising methods is advertising brand with promotional products.
In this method, a particular brand is selected and advertisement is done of the same with the help of providing promotional products to the customers.
Benefits of this technique
This is a very useful advertising method which is being used on a large scale now days.
•    This advertising technique helps in increasing the sales of the product as this technique helps in gaining the customer interests more as compared to other advertising methods.
•    This is a very useful advertising method as it leaves a long lasting impression on the minds of the customers.
•    Positive impression of the company is formed in the minds of the customers when tangible products are offered to them. When promotional products are offered to the customers they gain interest in the product and think of buying it again and again.
•    This technique helps you to be creative as you straight away offer the branded products to them to have a look and sometimes also for use.
This is considered to be one of the most efficient strategies which is being used by a lot of companies nowadays.

Starting Over

December 29, 2012

For many years, the new year marks a chance to start things over. A way to fix everything that didn’t go quite right, a way to get past old issues and sad memories. As the days begin to slowly grow longer, we look to the future with open eyes and timid hearts. Though we may fear what lies ahead, we trudge on with hope at our sides.

1.) Write a piece about dealing with tragedy during the holidays.
2.) Create a story about a young couple about to have their second child.
3.) Do a personal piece about how you’ve moved on from a difficult situation.
4.) Write a report about how an infant in a top hat came to represent the coming of a whole new year.
5.) Write a scene where a mother and her youngest child are given a chance to start over.
6.) If you could rewind one part of your life, what would it be and why?
7.) You’re witness to a crime and you’re about to go into protective custody. Create yourself a new identity. It can be as low key, or over the top, as you want.
8.) Do you see starting over as a good thing, or a bad thing? Why?
9.) If you could come back from the beyond, who would you want to come back as and why?
10.) You’ve just realized that you come with a reset button. If you hit the button, your entire life starts over, but you may not get the same life you have now. What do you do, and why?


December 29, 2012

Oh my stars, I’m finally all caught up with all the things I needed to get finished. Now, I’m slightly at a lose for both words and wisdom. Ok, so wisdom was never my strong suit, but you know what I mean. I guess it’s high time I got some real work done and posted some prompts for all my fellow writers. After all, that’s what we do around here. Right? Boy, I hope so. Now, my only dilemma is in what to write my prompts about. Should I go with a theme? Should I go with the season? Nope, tonight, we’re all just gonna wing it. That’s right boys and girls, what ever comes to my feeble little mind is what you’re going to end up with. You are about to see into the mind of a touched prompt writer. MMMMWWAAAAHHHHHHH

1.) Write an entire scene, including dialogue, between a new puppy and a small baby.

2.) Create a new game character for new role playing game. This character can be as dramatic, or as silly, as you want. The only requirements are that they must be some type of mutant and their primary weapon is body odor.

3.) Choose a personality from someone in your area and write a story about their life. The story itself should be totally fictional, but picture the strangest person you know as the lead.

4.) Write a romantic comedy piece about a young man with a twisted ankle. Integrate the following into your story. A roasted chicken, a glow stick, and a bag of stale potato chips.

5.) Invent a new superhero, male or female, and make them into the lamest superhero ever. What silly powers would they have? What type of costume would they wear? And give them an arch-enemy that is just as lame.

6.) Write up an interview with Prince Charming while still in frog form.

7.) If you were to be granted one wish, what would be the most ridiculous, outrageous thing you could think of to ask for. Don’t go for the usually money/love/power thing. Come up with something so over the top that even you will wonder what you were thinking.

8.) Create a new sport that you’d like to see played in stadiums all around the world. You’re equipment will consist of a badminton racket and an inflatable beach ball. You uniforms will look like prison uniforms, and you’re mascot is a piece of bacon.

9.) Scientists have just released information that proves that life exists on one of the moons of Jupiter. Write the report and describe what it is that they’ve found, what that life form looks like, and any other oddities you can think of.

10.) You’ve just won a free week’s vacation. The only stipulation is that you cannot go to any of the major vacation resorts, any major amusement parks, or any top vacation destination. So, where will you go and why?

Ok kids, there you go. Have fun and see what kind of whacked out, fun filled things you can come up with. If you create something, let me know. I’d love to read what you come up with. If you want, I’ll be more than happy to post it here on my site, or if you post it on one of your sites, send me the link and I’ll share with the world.